Real time meteorological data for lago di Varese

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Varese hh: 3:00
Temperature: 17.6°C/63 °F
Min: 17.5°C/34 °F (h 01.40)   Max: 19.1°C/32 °F (h 00.00)
Moisture: 67 %     Rain 10': 0.0 mm

Schiranna (North of lake) hh: 3:00
Avg wind speed: 0.7 m/s   Direction: ENE
Max Gust 1.9 m/s (h 01.20)

Bodio (South of lake) hh: 3:00
Temperature: 16.7°C/62 °F
Min: 16.5°C/61 °F (h 02.00)   Max: 17.7°C/63 °F (h 00.00)
Moisture: 73 %    
Avg wind speed: 0.3 m/s   Direction: South
Water temperature (20 cm depth): 28°C/82 °F

Dedicated weather forecasts (Rowing Championship - Varese)

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Hourly Forecast
3-Hourly Forecast

3 days meteogram

Previsione con modello numerico WRF dei parametri meteorologici

Wind recording (Schiranna - roof of Canottieri Varese)

Direction of the course